What does FIDI mean?

FIDI means: Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux (International Federation of International Furniture Removers).

Wittwer SA has been a member of FIDI, a global organisation of removal companies, since 1962.

Of course, membership is not open to everyone! Quality and financial criteria must be met. If you ask a member company to move your furniture, you can be sure that your consignment will be in good hands from loading in Switzerland to its delivery in any country in any continent.

FIDI also organises training and educational courses in which the Wittwer company regularly participates.

In 2002, when FIDI membership criteria changed somewhat, we had to face the challenge of obtaining FAIM certification in order to remain a member. We had until December 2003 to do so. And we succeeded! We obtained our FAIM certification in April 2003.

This certification, which has become the global quality standard for international removal companies, offers you even greater security when using the service provided by Wittwer and its network of agents.

  • High-quality removals agreed by the customer
  • Provision of a service with a high quality/price ratio
  • Quick settlement of disputes under FAIM conditions
  • Good communication between all parties concerned
  • Appropriate supporting documents describing all the arrangements and responsibilities of the parties concerned

    FEDEMAC - European movers

    FEDEMAC - maintains contact and communication between removal companies across Europe through national associations.

  • ASTAG PLUS - certified Moving company

    The member companies of the ASTAG, belonging to the professional group Movings, have the possibility of being certified with a professional, neutral and external certification body and to declare, by this way, to their clientele that they guarantee, in a known way, certain standart of quality.

  • SMA - Swiss Movers Association

    SMA - Swiss Movers Association

    The Swiss Movers Association (SMA) gathers professional moving companies in Switzerland who act according to SMA and/or FIDI-FAIM standards and pass the respective regular audits. The SMA standards reflect the needs of the customers and are continuously reviewed. Customers who expect a quality move chose SMA members. With this, they increase the chance for a professional and competent removal service.